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Art files how to submit them and how they need to be prepared?

What is a
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Technical details about production processes

Our custom
Credit Card Payment system

Authorization for posted Images on our web site & Logo's and Names



We have Minimum runs
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If you ever have a problem with a sending an E-mail, Estimate or Order Form to us please Re-send or Forward to:

Please send your Art to:

Files smaller than 12 MB.
For larger files contact us prior to send Art.




1-877-284-4033 < Toll Free

416-937-5407 < Cell

253-541-9903 < Fax

Correspondence and Checks send to our administrative office:
Brass Name Co.
2248 Grouse Lane,
Oakville, ON L6M 3Z8,

No charge for print "as is" logo as your uploaded graphic file with NO changes. To achieve the best results and clear & sharp appearance of your logo on the metal name plate we are recommending transfer from bitmap (any .bmp, .jpg , .gif , .tif , .pcx) graphic file to vector format - such as .cdr, .ai, .eps , .pdf, .dxf or even .wmf file.

We can receive Corel Draw .cdr files - see below instructions.

If you do not know HOW to design your product or you have no time for such a process - we will do this for you for small fee of only $ 24.00 per (average) logo.

In order to get your Logo ready for print with Corel Draw you must save fonts along with file. You have that option with "Save As" and see in bottom right corner of sub-window for Save function there is check box with text "Embed Fonts using TrueDoc". Check it in please. You can also select that Logo and hold control Ctrl key and press letter "Q" - this will transform this font(s) into outline graphic and I would be able to see it exactly as you can see it.

Please, use either one or the other method and than send that file to us.


Technical Details About LASER IMPRINT
š  Printing Process 

Laser Imprint Digital process is Transfer process similar to Sublimation process with improved colors appearance and extremely prolonged UV durability of product. 
Letters & Images are imprinted onto metal surface and placed under UV and scratch protective coating.
Scratch on the surface will not damage imprinted image which is beneath protective coating. To damage imprinted images you have to virtually destroy whole plate! 
Special chemicals and coatings used in Laser Imprintš process allow us to print even your .jpg and .gif files with high accuracy and color's exposure on GOLD or SILVER background. 
As CMYK based process we are able to print all color combinations of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. White is replaced with metal background; Due to color transparency and background color PMS match is impossible but we can repeat your color very close to original PMS. 
However, we are recommending indoor use of Laser imprinted plates. 
For outdoor plates or any harsh environment we would recommend Anodized Subsurface printed plates or Acid etched / engraved name plates.


Virtual sampleš  

Virtual sampleš is computer generated photo of your future custom product.
The most convenient and secure way to decide about your design.

For Name plates, Name tags and other metal & plastic products we provide FREE assistance with Virtual sampleš  creation of your ordered product.

Your Custom Virtual sample is FREE of charge and you are not committed to purchase anything to receive Virtual sample.

 Virtual sample-Computer generated photo 

Photo of the real product 


About Logo's, Images on this web site

All logos and names shown on images on this web site are trademarks
of their respective owners, and are shown as a convenience of
Brass Name Co. web presentation.

Downloading images from this site does NOT give you authorization
or permission to use the copyrighted images or logos without the
specific consent of the copyright or trademark holder.
Before you use, reproduce or distribute in any manner any image, text or logo
found on this site, you must first receive the express permission of the Brass Name Co.
and holder of the copyright or trademark of that logo.
Failure to obtain such permission is a violation under international law.

Brass Name Co. is owner of all images & text on this web site and Logos and names shown by those images on this web site belong to their respectful owners. Logos and images showing names are created in process of sales communication with their respective owners or representatives and does not reflecting or suggesting final product design or even existence of any mutual business relationship. In the most cases we posted images with Logo's and names with consent of their respective owners. All of images are prepared for need of this web presentation of Brass Name Co. products and services and If any owner or representative for company or name shown on our web site contact us with request to remove specific image, we would be pleased to do so.




          Toll Free 1-877-284-403

For Visa & Master Card Payment, you can download, fill-up and Fax or email back to us Credit Card Authorization form or You can  provide VISA or MasterCard number over the phone.

For American Express, Discovery or any other card we will send a Link to secure website to pay with that card or with PayPal
You DO NOT have to establish PayPal account if you don't have one already. We will first create your custom e-Invoice related to your custom product and send you a Link for Credit card payment.

Real Charges on your card will be from BrassNameCo.
PayPal is only our Credit card processor! 

However, if you still have a problem using PayPal payment system, 
you can send a check to us.
You will have all information in e-Invoice sent by e-mail. 


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