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Gallery of samples

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Brass Name Co.
  manufactures Name plates with several production processes.
Laser Imprint
 - With this Digital printing process Images and letters are imprinted into Aluminum or Brass surface through special protective coating. Name plates and tags printed with this process are designed mostly for indoor applications. This is Full color CMYK based process.  More...

Gallery of samples

Our Laser Imprinted  name plates can be also used as:
Industrial Name plates
Machinery and All types of Identification.

Furniture business Name plates
Gift business name plates
Picture Framing business plates

Office Name Plates
Desktop Name plates and Door & wall Name plates

Electronic equipment
The most popular 1" x 1"
computer cases badges

Chose a letter style 

Asset Tags_&Serial #
Inventory Nameplates

Anodized Aluminum plates

Etched Brass or Aluminum nameplates are the most requested and the most trusted ID plates for harsh outdoor environment

Stainless Steel Nameplates

Nameplate Laser
imprinted with color process

Silver Aluminum
Negative Etched with embossed letters

Brass etched plates
with serial number

 Anodized Aluminum plate Subsurface printed

Laser imprinted ID plates
with customer color Logo and Serial number

Silver Aluminum ID and service plates

Stainless Steel 

Inventory Labels & Asset Tags, Nameplates with serial numbers and barcodes

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Technical Details About LASER IMPRINT Printing Process

Laser Imprint
  process is Transfer process similar to Sublimation process with improved colors appearance  and extremely prolonged UV durability of product. Special chemicals and coatings used in Laser Imprint process allow us to print even your .jpg and .gif files with high accuracy and color's exposure on WHITE, GOLD or SILVER Aluminum or solid Brass.

Some Limitations: As CMYK based process we are able to print all color combinations of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black but we can not print white color on the top of  silver or gold nameplates. White color in the Art will be always color of the 
metal card itself and that gives extreme beauty & uniqueness of our nameplates.

Due to color transparency and background reflex color PMS match is impossible but we can repeat your color very close to original PMS. Images are placed under UV and scratch protective coating. Scratch on the surface will not damage imprinted image which is beneath protective coating. To damage imprinted images you have to virtually destroy whole plate! 

However, we are recommending indoor use of Laser imprinted plates and for Outdoor plates or any harsh environment we would recommend  Anodized Subsurface printed plates


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