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Brass Name Co.
 Manufacturer of Name Plates, Aluminum nameplates and Brass Name plates, brass plaques, metal labels, metal silver stickers, 
name tags, metal plaques.

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Stainless Steel Etched Tags with  Etched Serial & Model Numbers

Serial Tags & Service Nameplates with Barcodes and Stamped or Printed Serial Numbers on Anodized Aluminum

ALUMINUM Etched / Engraved
ID plate/ Logo etched and
1, 2 or 3 color filled.

Anodized Tag on .032 Silver Aluminum with Printed serial numbers

Anodized Aluminum Industrial Name plates and Tags with printed Logo Stamped serial number 2 side adhesive or holes for screws

Stainless Steel Lasered / Cut thru
Tags & Plates

Serial Tags & Service Nameplates
with Barcodes and Stamped or
Printed Serial Numbers on 
Aluminum or St. Steel

Digital - Laser-Imprint
Full Color on Metal
1 week production time

Ovals 3" x 1.5" or 2" x 1"
Full color Logo Laser-Imprinted Silver, Gold Aluminum or Brass Ovals

Printed Logo & Barcode & Serial number & double side adhesive on the back

ISO, Certification ID nameplates Silver, Gold Aluminum or Brass 
Laser-Imprinted, Anodized
or Etched; 2 side adhesive or holes; 

Any size from 100 and up
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 Etched or Printed Brass
double side adhesive or holes.

Serial Plates for Equipment
Machines & Inventory tags
Screen Printed for Outdoor use
with Lasered / Laser Etched
& Blackened Serials

Real Aluminum Foil - Screen printed
Stickers; Great for marking with a PEN leaving permanent dent.
We can stamp serials

Order from 250 + Any size!

Metallic Silver Flexy-Foil Labels
SPECIAL Coating to ABSORB Permanent Marker (Sharpie).
1, 2, 3 Color Print LOGO
Scratch & Fade Resistant.

Order Any size
from 250 and up

  Serial numbers Flexy-Foil Labels Designed for outdoor & Harsh environment use
Order Any size from 100 and up

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